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Congratulations to our Daily Winners

Day 1   Nicole B, Port Colborne, ON
Day 2   Cherylann B, Winnipeg, MB
Day 3   Piero G, Toronto, ON
Day 4   Marina O, Thornhill, ON
Day 5   Angie W, Barrie, ON
Day 6   Paula-Marie K, Cookstown, ON
Day 7   Albert N, Delta, BC
Day 8   Nasreen S, Pickering, ON
Day 9   Lucie T, Senneterre QC
Day 10   David K, Winnipeg, MB
Day 11   Jacinthe B, Laval, QC
Day 12   Sandra N, Pointe-Aux Roches, ON
Day 13   Megan S, Victoria, BC
Day 14   Diane B, Halifax, NS
Day 15   L Cosby, Edmonton, AB
Day 16   Jill M, Winnipeg, MB
Day 17   Susan H, Ottawa, ON
Day 18   Danielle H, St George NB
Day 19   Sheila T, Western Shore, NS
Day 20   Silvain L, Montreal, QC
Day 21   Emilie Q, Markham, ON
Day 22   Anmol B, Mississauga, ON
Day 23   Melanie G, Baie St Paul, QC
Day 24   Joanna F, Aurora, ON
Day 25   Bob F, Winnipeg, MB
Day 26   Fernandina J, Edmonton, AB
Day 27   Bill S, North Saanich, BC
Day 28   Melanie M, Boisbriand, QC
Day 29   Pat H, Tillsongurg, ON
Day 30   Michael H, Hamilton, ON
Day 31   Émilie B, Montreal, QC
Day 32   Debbie S, Wetaskiwin, AB
Day 33   Dot M, Hawk Junction, ON
Day 34   Doris L, Toronto, ON
Day 35   Kim K, Hamilton, ON
Day 36   Nadine B, Nouyn Norad, QC
Day 37   Christina W, Cache Creek, BC
Day 38   Linda A, Surrey, BC
Day 39   Diana C, Miramichi, NB
Day 40   Deanna K, Grand Falls Windsor, NL
Day 41   John D, Chateauguay, QC
Day 42   Lyne P, Sherbrooke, QC
Day 43   Deanna K, Grand Falls Windsor, NL
Day 44   Alison T, Regina, SK
Day 45   Julie A, Summerland, BC
Day 46   Anik G, Levis, QC
Day 47   Emily B, Calgary, AB
Day 48   Colleen E, Forest, ON
Day 49   Sopheap P, Surrey, BC
Day 50   Mair G, North Bay, YK
Day 51   Jaynie J, Winnipeg, MB
Day 52   Lauren M, Toronto, ON
Day 53   Kathryn G, Douglas, ON
Day 54   Lisa R, Saskatoon, SK
Day 55   Damaris A, Gloucester, ON
Day 56   Krista G, Saint John, NB
Day 57   Lisa M, Regina, SK
Day 58   Shannon D, Clearwater, BC
Day 59   Mallory H, West Kelowna, BC
Day 60   Corrie C, Regina, SK
Day 61   Roxanne C, Lethbridge, AB
Day 62   Heather S, Toronto, ON
Day 63   Doug M, Toronto, ON